Awesome Animation: The Backwater Gospel

When the Undertaker comes to old Backwater, the people look to their fear-mongering minister for answers, while the minister points to the rebellious, crippled minstrel as the cause.

I am always interested in creative personifications of Death, and the Undertaker of Bo Mathorne’s The Backwater Gospel is a beautiful representation of Death as more of a passive usher rather than an active cause. So, what does bring death in the dreary, rickety town of Backwater? Fear .

The Backwater Gospel

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My favorite aspects were the Undertaker’s characterization and look and the minstrel’s song. The grotesque, angular, splinterey drawing style is eye-catching. The forms remind me of origami, like the drawings want to jump off the screen; it’s a nice break from this cutesy, waif-anime-goddess thing that seems to be overwhelming the internet right now, which I enjoy, but not all the time.

The faded and sepia tones balance out the harsh lines really well and the all-over dustiness of the town is a great effect. The climax was horrifyingly great and the resolution was beautiful.

If you watched the video and you’d like to hear someone else’s well-developed opinion on it, I recommend this great video created by the channel, YouTube Explained.

The Backwater Gospel, EXPLAINED:

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